Saint Scarlet: Not Your Average Hard Rock Band

Saint Scarlet isn’t like every other rock band here on the Sunset Strip; these guys include four part harmonies, violin solos, and ear-bending effects in their songs. I promise you: if you listen to Runaway Love, Expendable, Cruel and Unusual, or Howl, you’ll be singing their lyrics for the rest of the week. A truly impressive display of both passion and musical talent, Saint Scarlet catches the ear of any listener with their catchy tunes and exhilarating sound.

Saint Scarlet is a rock band newly introduced to Los Angeles. Their lineup includes guys from across the United States that came to LA to

Down And Outlaws At Three Clubs

I never know what to write in these articles… How can you describe a band who blows you away?

I’m nearly always stunned by every band I see; there is so much talent in Los Angeles. But Down & Outlaws kicked ass. They came to the stage and laid out all of their emotions, energy, talent, thrill; left it all out on the stage for us to watch.

The guys were also great and fun to talk to. They were relaxed, laid back. They hung out with their friends and fans, watched the other bands, shared drinks

Stoney: More Than Animals


Listening to Stoney‘s new full-length album More Than Animals, what is most impressive is that practically everything was written and performed by just one guy. Of course, that’s not the most uncommon thing in music, but the sheer breadth of styles and sounds found on the album make it a particularly shocking fact. After moving from the U.K. to Austin for “sunshine and change,” Mark Stoney continued to make a name for himself with his band Bobby Jealousy, a collaboration between Stoney, Seth Gibbs, and Sabrina Ellis. But it’s his return to making music on his own that allows him to spread his wings. More Than Animals is at once challenging and impossibly catchy.

The Monks of Mellonwah- Neurogenesis


Bringing together musical precision and an inescapable energy, Australian rock quartet The Monks of Mellonwah craft music that stands apart from the typical indie-rock trend chasers. Their 2012 EP Neurogenesis shows the dynamic range of the band perfectly. Each member brings impressive technical ability to the table, while never letting anything sound show-offy or unnecessary. In fact, their brand of rock music should be noted for its subtlety, choosing to express itself through its expert songwriting rather than instrumental pyrotechnics.

Terra Terra Terra- The Space We Create

The Space We Create

Terra Terra Terra, a Florida-based Pop-Rock band is gearing up to release their sophomore album on Round Kid Records. The Space We Create is a collection of big anthems and intimate lyrics. Soaring over heavy guitars and powerful drums, every melody on The Space We Create is so catchy that on repeated listens, I feel like I’ve been listening to this album for years.

Only 84 days remaining until Coachella and today we have music from Two Door Cinema Club. Two Door Cinema Club consists of four Irish mates (ha, mates) with an electro rock/pop tune. TDCC is easily one of my most favorite bands to listen to. I only have five bands/artists that have their own playlist on my iPod: Tupac, XV, Jack Johnson, Wale, and Two Door Cinema Club; that’s it.

Two Door Cinema Club released their debut album, Tourist History, in April of last year and have been touring the globe non-stop. I was fortunate enough to attend one of their US shows in Los Angeles and it was one of the best nights ever. Along with their debut album, they recorded an EP and altogether, they have only 16 songs. The band is also featured on a few Kitsune Maison (their record label) mixes. I first heard of the band through the Kitsune Maison 7 Minimix. I would post every TDCC song but I’ll leave you guys with my four favorite tracks: “What You Know,” “I Can Talk,” and click for the next page to check out my two non-stop repeat songs; “Undercover Martyn,” and “This Is The Life.”

Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk


Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know