Interview with Malia Grace

Interview with Malia Grace
Singer/Songwriter, Malia Grace, released her first self-titled EP back in October. The songstress from Austin, Texas has so far played at SXSW and CMJ, along with a few smaller gigs in her hometown. Inspired by rock and jazz, Malia Grace took a bit of a different route in college: she started studying opera.
In the interview below, she talks about her musical upbringing, career in Austin, her experience performing at the CMJ Showcase, and the crowdfunding of her first EP.
-Where do your roots in music come from? How important was it to your music career to have grown up in Austin, surrounded by
Saint Scarlet: Not Your Average Hard Rock Band

Saint Scarlet isn’t like every other rock band here on the Sunset Strip; these guys include four part harmonies, violin solos, and ear-bending effects in their songs. I promise you: if you listen to Runaway Love, Expendable, Cruel and Unusual, or Howl, you’ll be singing their lyrics for the rest of the week. A truly impressive display of both passion and musical talent, Saint Scarlet catches the ear of any listener with their catchy tunes and exhilarating sound.

Saint Scarlet is a rock band newly introduced to Los Angeles. Their lineup includes guys from across the United States that came to LA to

Down And Outlaws At Three Clubs

I never know what to write in these articles… How can you describe a band who blows you away?

I’m nearly always stunned by every band I see; there is so much talent in Los Angeles. But Down & Outlaws kicked ass. They came to the stage and laid out all of their emotions, energy, talent, thrill; left it all out on the stage for us to watch.

The guys were also great and fun to talk to. They were relaxed, laid back. They hung out with their friends and fans, watched the other bands, shared drinks