Interview with Malia Grace

Interview with Malia Grace
Singer/Songwriter, Malia Grace, released her first self-titled EP back in October. The songstress from Austin, Texas has so far played at SXSW and CMJ, along with a few smaller gigs in her hometown. Inspired by rock and jazz, Malia Grace took a bit of a different route in college: she started studying opera.
In the interview below, she talks about her musical upbringing, career in Austin, her experience performing at the CMJ Showcase, and the crowdfunding of her first EP.
-Where do your roots in music come from? How important was it to your music career to have grown up in Austin, surrounded by
Saint Scarlet: Not Your Average Hard Rock Band

Saint Scarlet isn’t like every other rock band here on the Sunset Strip; these guys include four part harmonies, violin solos, and ear-bending effects in their songs. I promise you: if you listen to Runaway Love, Expendable, Cruel and Unusual, or Howl, you’ll be singing their lyrics for the rest of the week. A truly impressive display of both passion and musical talent, Saint Scarlet catches the ear of any listener with their catchy tunes and exhilarating sound.

Saint Scarlet is a rock band newly introduced to Los Angeles. Their lineup includes guys from across the United States that came to LA to

VIGILANTES – Elasticity

VIGILANTES – Elasticity

A playful take on Daft Punk’s Da Funk” and Smashing Pumpkins “1979,” videos VIGILANTES watched as kids which also included cult classics “The Warriors” and “Breakfast Club.”

The entire music scene is that of a nostalgic trip of loose fun. Parts of the video were shot straight out of a car and the food court scene had to be filmed before security ended up kicking the bandmates out. The video perfectly captures the simple things in life, really, that creates the most joy.

New Arcades – “More Than This

New Arcades – “More Than This

London synth-pop duo New Arcades have announced the release of new single More Than This. Following on from the 100,000 plus Spotify plays previous single Wherever You Are attracted in the first few months of being available, More Than This carries the same distinctive 80s pop grandiose but with an added tenderness tied in by Lula’s guest vocal. With a succession of recent singles over the last year or so, New Arcades have produced a steady trajectory: now More Than This takes a new path illustrating their ability to collaborate to a devastating level.

With a drive for creating contrast in the dynamics between verses and chorus, introducing a guest vocal accentuates this process and illustrates

MADUS At The Viper Room

MADUS @ The Viper Room


Normally, when I interview bands, all they want to talk about is the next upcoming cool thing that they are doing. Even though I asked about all the cool stuff, MADUS got pretty insightful about who they were and what they plan on doing as musicians. And I really respect these guys for being so candid. They are normal guys that just happen to be talented musicians and run a sick band.

BOSTON:   First off, how long have

New Arcades – “Let’s Get Away”

New Arcades – “Let’s Get Away”


London duo New Arcades have revealed a new track called, “Let’s Get Away,” from their Scenes EP. “Let’s Get Away” is probably the only song I’ve ever had to describe as ‘fast.’ New Arcades have taken inspiration from the 80s electro-pop and arcade classics. The new track is Tron-like, yet still very much poppy.

“This track has a lot more energy than most of our current tracks from the “Scenes” EP, which carry a more cinematic and emotional vibe; and though it may be the most poppy track to date, we
A Night at Pandora’s Discovery Den Holiday Concert

Pandora held their second annual Pandora Holiday Discovery Den this Saturday at the Grand in the Manhattan Center. Rudimental, Kiesza, and The Neighbourhood were all set to perform.

With Pandora’s main HQ located in NYC, we were fully expecting them to pull out all the stops. They teased about it being an open bar event, but with a free, all-ages party it didn’t seem feasible. Regardless, the light sticks were out, photographers in hand, and in a huge venue, Pandora was looking to kickstart the holiday/end of the year concerts with a bang.
With this party, Rudimental were first up in what

Fiona Grey – Beauty Queen

fiona grey


We go through plenty of new artists on a daily basis. Some great, others don’t just tune in with what we like at the current moment. We checked out Fiona Grey at her release show at Bootleg Bar a couple of weeks ago and liked what he heard. With Neon Gold giving Fiona her due respect, we’re now a bit embarrassed by not having posted about the 19-year-old songstress earlier.



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