Saint Scarlet: Not Your Average Hard Rock Band

Saint Scarlet isn’t like every other rock band here on the Sunset Strip; these guys include four part harmonies, violin solos, and ear-bending effects in their songs. I promise you: if you listen to Runaway Love, Expendable, Cruel and Unusual, or Howl, you’ll be singing their lyrics for the rest of the week. A truly impressive display of both passion and musical talent, Saint Scarlet catches the ear of any listener with their catchy tunes and exhilarating sound.

Saint Scarlet is a rock band newly introduced to Los Angeles. Their lineup includes guys from across the United States that came to LA to

Down And Outlaws At Three Clubs

I never know what to write in these articles… How can you describe a band who blows you away?

I’m nearly always stunned by every band I see; there is so much talent in Los Angeles. But Down & Outlaws kicked ass. They came to the stage and laid out all of their emotions, energy, talent, thrill; left it all out on the stage for us to watch.

The guys were also great and fun to talk to. They were relaxed, laid back. They hung out with their friends and fans, watched the other bands, shared drinks

Armors at The Satellite

Now, Armors had a lot to live up to. Since I recently moved from NYC, Armors happened to be the first set I was set to see and photograph in Los Angeles.

But first of all, if you have not yet gone to The Satellite, I highly recommend it. The venue is larger than I expected, but it’s tucked in a quiet neighborhood in Silverlake. You don’t have to worry about fighting for parking or getting gridlocked on your way to a show. The bartenders were nice, made strong drinks and all the music for the night was on point.

Five O'Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World

Five O’Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World

Dangers-Five O’Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World

As continuation of a previous post, here is the complete album review of Dangers’ Five O’Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World (referred to as Five O’Clock from now on).

American Royalty


American Royalty. Where do I start? The Los Angeles native, three-man band, blew me away at a recent show with a contradicting performance – it was both enveloping, and explosive. Their synths tickled my curiosity, their percussions wooed my feet, and their vocals just sealed the whole deal. Yes, they’re that good. Lead vocalists, Billy Scher and Marc Gilfy, seduced me into an enigmatic head-bobbing session with their mad harmonizing skills. They effortlessly bobbed and weaved in between dope guitar riffs and bass drops, and awed the audience with their powerful, yet pleasantly surprising, soulful vocals. They definitely put on an original show with an unusual, quirky stage setup.

I look forward and can’t wait to see what American Royalty has in store for us in their latest EP, “Matchstick”. It’s due to release on vinyl on February 7 through Seaport Records, and will be digitally available on February 14 through Guns In The Sun Records. If you want to