XV – “Swervin'”

Fresh off his Popular Culture mixtape, XV has dropped his new EP with Warner Bros., Awesome EP, and now he’s released the visuals for “Swervin’.” There’s absolutely no stopping the man with the green backpack. As we posted earlier, he’s been doing all kinds of things leading up to the EP.

Check out XV’s “Stone Cold” freestyle and his Popular Culture mixtape. Be sure to cop the Awesome EP on iTunes as well.

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0krLrNoGFwk&feature=player_embedded#!”]


XV has kicked off the summer on some square shit. One of the most anticipated mixtapes, Vizzy delivers like a true squarian can only do.

This is the evolution of XV. From past mixtapes, he’s always had one or two songs that define the ‘tape. Popular Culture defines XV. From intro to ending, every song defines the culture of being an L7.

Check the download link after the jump:

New MP3: LoS – “Get It” (Ft. XV)

This is something new from Los and XV that sounds something out of XV’s The Complex Experiment. It’s got that raw, up-in-your-face flow then takes a step back before going at it again. Only reason I came to this was because of Vizzy, but Los is pretty dope, too.

Check it:

Los – Get It feat XV (Prod by Lifted)

Video: XV – “U.F.C.”


This is probably one of the most Vizzy-est XV videos ever. Even with his slight change of Squarian-to-Awesome sound, he’s still dope for a reason. XV, U Fuckin’ Crazy!


New MP3: XV – “Boss Level” Feat. Skrillex

What do you get when you put a little of the Vizzy Zone and some dubstep? “Boss Level,” of course. Count me in as a someone who didn’t think these two would ever put out a track together. I’m actually kind of surprised how well the electro house bass complements XV’s flow.

Skrillex’s production over ” Scare Monsters And Nice Spirits” is actually great. Vizzy just dropped this out of nowhere over on his Tumblr so there’s no word if this will be on Vizzy Zone.

XV- Boss Level (prod. by

New MP3: Mac Miller – “Love Lust”

There’s no surprise that many rappers release their music on Twitter, but many have followed suit in releasing tracks when they reach a certain number of followers. Xaphoon Jones, Hoodie Allen, and XV have released their share of tracks and it’s not the first time Mac Miller has done the same. For reach 400K Twitter followers, Mac Miller released  this new track that samples The Temper Trap’s “Love Lost.” I’m loving this wave of hip-hop sampling indie bands.

Mac Miller – Love Lost (prod. Black Diamond)