New Artist: Walla – No Time

Fresh off the web with a new artist for everyone to indulge in!

It’s not your thing to indulge? That’s okay! We’re here to change your mind with some good music! Let me introduce you to this five-piece band with a dream-wave sound known as Walla.

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  “There’s no time for anger. There’s no time for love.

We get by like martians;Who never get enough, Who never get enough.

And it’s cooler by the weekend, but then

AusScene: Big Scary – Luck Now Video


Following the success of their stunning debut Vacation, Big Scary have recently released two singles in the run up to album number two, Not Art. Luck Now, the second of the two, is a rich and melodic affair. Opening with a syncopated drum loop that wriggles into the mind before melting into the lush piano sounds familiar to Big Scary, it progresses with Tom Iansek’s beautiful and introspective vocals and electronic samples.

Have you heard of the TV show The Slap? Really, no? A couple of months ago, here in Australia, it was everywhere. You couldn’t turn your channel onto the Australian Broadcasting Commision for two minutes without being bombarded for promos for it.

I am too young and innocent and delicate to watch the show, but I could deduct that is was a whole lot of family arguments, explicit sex scenes and drama. What I was really excited about was the song used for the promo. It was called Jungle, by the up and coming indie darling Emma Louise.

Emma Louise

I came across the song on a whim a few months ago, breaching my internet limits (I’m so rebel) to get it in the Triple J podcast. I didn’t even listen to it beforehand; just pressed “Download” like all good people should. I cannot remember the amount of times I’ve stumbled across brilliant music just because I felt like wasting up the internet usage.

Afterwards, I listened to it. I had, like I said, not heard of Emma Louise, but this song turned out to be a pulsating pop gem, with washes of lush electro sounds, rumbling exotic percussion and her sweet voice earnestly painting a picture of tension. It was beautiful, and quite hard to believe that she was a newcomer on the scene.

Only 84 days remaining until Coachella and today we have music from Two Door Cinema Club. Two Door Cinema Club consists of four Irish mates (ha, mates) with an electro rock/pop tune. TDCC is easily one of my most favorite bands to listen to. I only have five bands/artists that have their own playlist on my iPod: Tupac, XV, Jack Johnson, Wale, and Two Door Cinema Club; that’s it.

Two Door Cinema Club released their debut album, Tourist History, in April of last year and have been touring the globe non-stop. I was fortunate enough to attend one of their US shows in Los Angeles and it was one of the best nights ever. Along with their debut album, they recorded an EP and altogether, they have only 16 songs. The band is also featured on a few Kitsune Maison (their record label) mixes. I first heard of the band through the Kitsune Maison 7 Minimix. I would post every TDCC song but I’ll leave you guys with my four favorite tracks: “What You Know,” “I Can Talk,” and click for the next page to check out my two non-stop repeat songs; “Undercover Martyn,” and “This Is The Life.”

Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk


Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know


Video: Sky Larkin – A.T.M.

Dear Song In My Head has a share button, Facebook has a Like button, but I’ve just clicked the LOVE button on Sky Larkin. I like to think I’m the second most interesting man in the world (I’m coming for you, Dos Equis guy), so I’ve always wondered who should be on the soundtrack if there ever were a movie produced about my life. Well, I think Sky Larkin would be a perfect fit.

Check out A.T.M. below and make sure to check out their site: WeAreSkyLarkin

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