We’re called Dear Song In My Head. We like to post new and old, indie and mainstream, and rap and pop music just from whatever comes out of any of our writers’ head.

There’s a boring little story about how this site came to be:

Like anyone, we’re big fans of music and everything that involves the slightest hin of music. Personally, we have the need to be updated on the latest tracks; otherwise, the song “sucks.” You know, if you find a song or band before everyone else that song/band has more of a belonging to you. Look at Drake for example. Everyone either loves him because they know the actor or because they hate him due to everyone all of a sudden loving Drake the actor as well. Then you have those who think they can relate to  him. Regardless, fans put an emphasis on the their relationship with the artist’s past.

Anyways, there’s a personal relationship to everything in music. It’s just what it makes us feel that brings us to our place of belonging. This site was mainly made to share music through our perspective; and how it makes us feel.

We’re not going to post Drake and Lil Wayne just because “everyone” likes them. We certainly won’t put a leaked Dr. Dre song just because every other blog site is doing it. But, then again, we probably won’t have a reason for every track/band we do or don’t post.

We’ve had some pretty dope categories to post under that not many other blogs are doing, including: Overrated/Underrated, Random Reader Post, C2C, etc. We like the way we run things here. It’s only a couple of us right now but our content is pretty dope for a blog that came  to be as a joke. We seriously started the site as a joke.

Well, there’s our little story and a bit about us and the site. Hope you guys become avid readers of the site. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

Many thanks,

DSIMH team