MADUS At The Viper Room

MADUS @ The Viper Room


Normally, when I interview bands, all they want to talk about is the next upcoming cool thing that they are doing. Even though I asked about all the cool stuff, MADUS got pretty insightful about who they were and what they plan on doing as musicians. And I really respect these guys for being so candid. They are normal guys that just happen to be talented musicians and run a sick band.

BOSTON:   First off, how long have

Down And Outlaws At Three Clubs

I never know what to write in these articles… How can you describe a band who blows you away?

I’m nearly always stunned by every band I see; there is so much talent in Los Angeles. But Down & Outlaws kicked ass. They came to the stage and laid out all of their emotions, energy, talent, thrill; left it all out on the stage for us to watch.

The guys were also great and fun to talk to. They were relaxed, laid back. They hung out with their friends and fans, watched the other bands, shared drinks

Armors at The Satellite

Now, Armors had a lot to live up to. Since I recently moved from NYC, Armors happened to be the first set I was set to see and photograph in Los Angeles.

But first of all, if you have not yet gone to The Satellite, I highly recommend it. The venue is larger than I expected, but it’s tucked in a quiet neighborhood in Silverlake. You don’t have to worry about fighting for parking or getting gridlocked on your way to a show. The bartenders were nice, made strong drinks and all the music for the night was on point.

I can’t say that I ever saw this coming, well, actually Chiddy tweeted about it so I’m not that surprised. Just these three making a track is something I was really interested in. Chiddy the rapper, Aoki the electro musician, and Lil Jon the … he raps, too, I guess.

The track tries to pull off being one of those club bangers with a little house, but the best part is Chidera rapping. You can literally put him over any beat, and the shit will be dope.



Outasight – “Let’s Go”


Outasight is blowing. From having his music in commercials to performing songs on TV, he’s making the best of his hits. After debuting “Tonight is the Night” as his first single to his full-length debut, Outasight is giving away this track for free: “I’m not asking for a dollar, a tweet, a Facebook share, or anything like that. Just click below and enjoy.” You gotta love this guy.

Check out “Let’s Go” below: