New: Nolita View – “Alive”

Nolita View Alive EP


One of my favorite bands since starting this blog, Nolita View, have released the first single to their new EP called “Alive.”

The new EP will be a 5-song collection that will be released later this month.

Nolita View have consistently brought out some good tunes. Last year’s “Monster” track really solidified them as a band to watch out for.


The Monks of Mellonwah- Neurogenesis


Bringing together musical precision and an inescapable energy, Australian rock quartet The Monks of Mellonwah craft music that stands apart from the typical indie-rock trend chasers. Their 2012 EP Neurogenesis shows the dynamic range of the band perfectly. Each member brings impressive technical ability to the table, while never letting anything sound show-offy or unnecessary. In fact, their brand of rock music should be noted for its subtlety, choosing to express itself through its expert songwriting rather than instrumental pyrotechnics.

Free Download: Glimpse Trio EP

Glimpse Trio

San Leandro band Glimpse Trio reminds us all how powerful and dynamic a rock trio can be. On their self-released EP, the band covers everything from frenzied Zappa-esque fusion tracks to bluesey acoustic rock songs. That they do this while always sounding like themselves is no small feat. Guitarist Mike Sopko, Bassist Chris Lopes, and Drummer Hamir Atwal all have such distinct playing styles that they can’t help but sound like themselves whether they’re playing the raucous punk track Holiday or the post-rock textures of Cogan (Song For

EP: Nolita View Release Self-Titled EP

We brought you Nolita View a long time ago back when they were called ‘Fez.’. I considered their “Low Light” track a must-insert-into-playlist tune.

Previously, I thought they had a little hint of Phoenix going on, but I think they have a great mix of guitar melody and vocals for a unique style of their own.

Here’s what they had to say about their new name:

The name ‘Nolita View’ was taken from a song by the National called ‘Driver, Surprise me’. The character in this song is feeling quite numb and in need of

New MP3: The Good Natured – Wolves

I’m a new fan of Sarah McIntosh’s The Good Natured. The English singer is working on a EP coming out in June and she just released a new track.


In every society, we find people who are bored with their daily routines, getting up, going to work, and coming home again. ‘Wolves’ is about escapism, leaving the mundane normality of every day life and entering a new world, whether it be a fantasy or a reality.

Also, check out another track from The Good Natured titled “Your Body Is A Machine” after the jump: