Happy Lives – “Marry Me”

“Looking at my tits like you want a piece of it.” There’s something extremely interesting about Happy Lives and it starts off with that line. “Marry Me” is at the core and a true-to-self song that fuses a few of my favorite bands and one quickly comes to mind: The Garden. When The Garden get all grungy and a little melodic, it’s pretty badass. Likewise with Happy Lives – I saw myself nodding my head.


Video: Nolita View – “Fall In”

Nolita View Alive EP

We’ve written about Nolita View on this site just as many times as some of our favorite bands. It’s for good reason, though. Nolita View churn out new music every few months and it’s all with a fresh mix of tunes.

Fez Nolita View’s video for “Fall In” is a mixture of b-roll shots of the band performing the new song in a black-and-white nostalgic filter. Check out the video below:


Video: Royal Blood – “Figure It Out”

royal blood

The UK duo known as Royal Blood have debuted their new music video for “Figure It Out.”  “Figure It Out” was premiered last week by the BBC’s Zane Lowe.

The video itself takes a pumping and daring course that matches the track. Royal Blood’s self-titled debut album is due for release on August 25th on Warner Bros. Records. 


Video: Evan & The Brave – “Rescuer”

evand and the brave


Sydney-based Evan & The Brave have  released the visuals for their new single, “Rescuer.” The video is a twisted tale disguised with poolside martinis and bikini-clad women.

“Rescuer” was released from their Island EP back in September. The band will be launching the song and clip at He Made She Made Gallery in Sydney on May 3rd.

AusScene: Appleonia – ‘Lost at Sea’



Jessica Chapnik Kahn has a certain mystique as she glides through life, encrusted with glitter as the spiritual creation of Appleonia. OH! is her first album of her own material, and thanks to Vittoria Coffee, can be downloaded for free here. With each download, its value in food will be donated to OZ Harvest for those in need. Free music equating to charitable free food? What is stopping you?

Single ‘Lost At Sea’ is a highlight from OH! A slice of shimmering indie pop that soars with an unbelievably catchy chorus hook, it reeled me in. The accompanying video depicts an unconventional take on a flash mob in an underground subway station. If you want to have an idea of what my dance moves are like, you must look no further. Like all flash mob videos, it warms my heart to toasty temperatures and makes me want to get groovy in the public domain. Try Appleonia out for yourself below.

Video: St. Lucia – “Elevate”

This came across our inbox yesterday. It’s been on repeat enough that we can post it now. Brooklyn-based St. Lucia have unveiled their video for their electric song, “Elevate.” The video comes in preparation for their forthcoming full-length debut When The Night due out October 8

The band is straight out of Neon Gold which, if you’ve followed us closely would know that, generates some of the best bands from the East Coast.

St. Lucia is kicking off their tour with former touring mates, Two Door Cinema Club, on October 2nd.

Video: Eliza Doolittle – “Let It Rain”


From being on Disclosure’s hit single to “Big When I Was Little,” Ms. Doolittle has expanded her musical horizons. No longer is she the bubbly and pop-y UK gal everyone’s come to love, she’s more than that. “Let It Rain” is a little of old, and a lot of the new Eliza Doolittle.


You can pre-order the single now.

“Let It Rain” is the second track off In Your Hands. Here’s the rest of the tracklist:

  3. HUSH
  7. IN
1 2 3 4 13