General Fiasco is a band that is fairly new to me. Though, ever since Two Door Cinema Club (I know, I know–I compare to them so much but I can’t help it) came in to my life a couple of years ago, I can’t help but instantly love anything that comes out from the U.K. Damn these Irish bastards with their good looks and good music. This is seriously the indie-pop tune that, to me, has become iconic of these groups. It’s simply too joyful to let go.

General Fiasco have released their first video to their sophomore album titled ‘Waves‘ which is due out November 14. The video is of their forthcoming single,  the lead and title track from their forthcoming EP.


Check after the jump for the SoundCloud track of “Waves” and their previous hit, “The Age That You Start Losing Friends.”

There is no denying that Two Door Cinema Club is my favorite band. I talk about them all the time and I have an uncanny bad habit of trying to compare every new indie rock band with the Irish band.

Two Door have been touring like crazy this whole year and have been talking about going in to a cave once they’re finished with their current tour slated to end next month. Along their tour shows they’ve been playing a new track or two that will go into their next album. I absolutely have no idea if they will master some of their old, unreleased tracks and put them into a new album–which would be amazing.

So, in honor of them finally being able to go off into the studio without the worries of having to play yet another show, I have compiled some of their old tunes found on Youtube and some of them playing new songs that I’m hoping will be in their new album.

I just want a little more than Tourist History right now and these are some of my favorites. I have included some tracks from their days before Tourist History, songs that were on Tourist History but in international CDs, and new but un-mastered tunes. There are a few more here and there but the quality isn’t good enough to post.

“Kids” is a track off the Japanese version of Tourist History and is undoubtedly my favorite track outside of the whole original EP.

Two Door Cinema Club – Kids


We brought you the original just a few weeks ago when the Two Door Cinema Club had supported them on their Facebook page. Kowalski had actually been TDCC’s supporting act during their UK tour and now TDCC is returning the favor by jumping on the band’s hit and putting their own spin on it.

The remix doesn’t differ too much from the original but you can definitely sense a TDCC vibe with it. It’s always a dance party with this band. You can get the single, along with the remix, on

Our love for Generationals has been growing ever since we first saw them live opening up for Two Door Cinema Club almost a year ago. We posted their Actor Caster album back in March, and today they reward us with a free WP courtesy of Park The Van. Included in the free EP are a few remixes and a new tune from the New Orleans-based band.

My favorite track is “You Got Me” which I would hope some rapper would put their 16 bars over the beat because it would sound so

Kowalski – ‘The Great Outdoors’

Everybody’s Stalking posted this gem up a few days ago but I am just now receiving it due to Two Door Cinema Club having posted it on their Facebook page. Kowalski is a band from Northern Ireland with an indie pop sound similar to that of  The Postal Service and Phoenix — per ES.  The ‘Outdoors’ single is being released on Everybody’s Stalking on August 22nd.

Interesting note: Apparently, Paddy Baird, the drummer from Kowalski, is a brother of Kevin Baird from Two Door Cinema Club. Sweet.

Last week, Irish band Two Door Cinema Club hit up the Radio 1 Live Lounge to perform some goodies. They had mentioned that they would play a mysterious cover. That cover ended up being a Mumford & Sons’ ” The Cave.” I’ve heard many covers of this track and this has to be one of, if not, the best. A year ago, Ellie Goulding did an exceptional cover of “The Cave,” but Two Door is my favorite band so there’s a little bias there, but still. Check it out:

There’s something to the original track by Young the Giant that has me begging for more, but TDCC puts a little of that Irish goodness the band is known for to answer my call.Young the Giant recently finished their epic US tour and the band has left many fans with eargasms.  Check out the remix by Two Door Cinema Club and the original after the jump and let us know which one is better.

Young the Giant – My Body (TDCC Remix)

I’m just now getting back from the New Music Seminar Closing Night Party at The Roxy Theater and before the performances began I planned to do a recap of the whole event and write another Spoken Truth, but all that changed once I heard these guys. At first glance, they bare a striking similarity to my favorite Irish band, Two Door Cinema Club, and it doesn’t help that the lead singer also sounds similar to TDCC’s lead singer; and they have identical clothing styles; and,