American Royalty


American Royalty. Where do I start? The Los Angeles native, three-man band, blew me away at a recent show with a contradicting performance – it was both enveloping, and explosive. Their synths tickled my curiosity, their percussions wooed my feet, and their vocals just sealed the whole deal. Yes, they’re that good. Lead vocalists, Billy Scher and Marc Gilfy, seduced me into an enigmatic head-bobbing session with their mad harmonizing skills. They effortlessly bobbed and weaved in between dope guitar riffs and bass drops, and awed the audience with their powerful, yet pleasantly surprising, soulful vocals. They definitely put on an original show with an unusual, quirky stage setup.

I look forward and can’t wait to see what American Royalty has in store for us in their latest EP, “Matchstick”. It’s due to release on vinyl on February 7 through Seaport Records, and will be digitally available on February 14 through Guns In The Sun Records. If you want to

“I’m new here.”

Hello! My name is Angela, or ozpom96. I’m new here, and I will be talking about local Aussie artists that have caught my eye, have something unique to offer or are just generally awesome.

I thought I would say, in true corny fashion, a few things about me before I get all “DA LOCAL SEEN RULZ” on your butt. So…

– I’m fifteen years old… Apparently. I’m half British, half Australian.

– I often dream of being a Timelord’s sidekick.

– Though many like to classify me as “obsessed” with certain things, I like to call myself a professional obsessionist.

– My dream job would

New Music: Vacationer ‘Gone’

Image credit: Julia Rose

Without you here,

I’m only half awake.

 I dream, I’m dreaming of you

 It’s never enough, It’s no substitute.

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I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a fool for sweet love songs. The kind of song that can make you wonder when and how you even began liking a significant other. Nobody likes admitting they’re mushy but let’s face it, we eat that up like chocolate cake.

A few months back, before I deployed, I wrote a piece

Video: Ground Up – “Boulevard”

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It was almost exactly a year ago when I last heard from Ground Up. Their Girls Who Smoke Cigarettes mixtape had “Fast Enough” as the main track and I absolutely loved it. Forward a year to today and Ground Up has put up visuals for “Boulevard.” Ground Up is building his rep, well, from the ground up so I’m excited to hear more from him.

This track is definitely a favorite that will take quite a while for me to get tired of. The lyrics, percussions, and the nostalgic feeling it evokes is just… perfect. How can you NOT hit the repeat button?

It was my go-to track for last summer, and is now my go-to track for the colder seasons as well. During summer, it served as a “goodbye to summer” ode. Now, it’s more of a, “Ican’twaitforittobesummeragain!!” anthem.

Don’t get me wrong, winter is amazing, but summer is just magical (yes, magical!). And there’s only two more season until we can wake up to summer

Coachella 2012

Let’s get some things down. We know you want to go to Coachella and Dear Song In My Head is going to get you and a friend there!
Stay tuned for the details on how you will be able to get yourself these 2 (three-day) passes to Coachella.
Details coming soon.

Little Comets – “Worry”

The Little Comets are back at it again with the debut of their new single, “Worry.” The single is the first off Little Comets’ upcoming EP,  ‘Worry EP,’ which is due out December 12th. The band’s famed “afro-jack swag” does its beauty while being consonant to track’s chorus hook. It’s the best of two (music) worlds. It’s bands like Little Comets that makes me enjoy posting music almost daily.

The video is a montage of footage from their previous October tour and brings light into the world that looks up for Little Comets.

Check after the jump for the video and the entire tracklist for the upcoming EP:

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