There is no denying that Two Door Cinema Club is my favorite band. I talk about them all the time and I have an uncanny bad habit of trying to compare every new indie rock band with the Irish band.

Two Door have been touring like crazy this whole year and have been talking about going in to a cave once they’re finished with their current tour slated to end next month. Along their tour shows they’ve been playing a new track or two that will go into their next album. I absolutely have no idea if they will master some of their old, unreleased tracks and put them into a new album–which would be amazing.

So, in honor of them finally being able to go off into the studio without the worries of having to play yet another show, I have compiled some of their old tunes found on Youtube and some of them playing new songs that I’m hoping will be in their new album.

I just want a little more than Tourist History right now and these are some of my favorites. I have included some tracks from their days before Tourist History, songs that were on Tourist History but in international CDs, and new but un-mastered tunes. There are a few more here and there but the quality isn’t good enough to post.

“Kids” is a track off the Japanese version of Tourist History and is undoubtedly my favorite track outside of the whole original EP.

Two Door Cinema Club – Kids