Interview: G-Eazy (at Vans Warped Tour)

We recently we caught up with G-Eazy at Vans Warped Tour in the Pomona, CA stop of the tour. He talked about the work on his new album, playing in Warped Tour, John Lennon, his kicks, and his onesie. Check out the interview below and look out for the video later this week.



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DSIMH: First time at Warped Tour, excited?


XV just dropped the visuals for FIFA (Feeling Internationally Famous Already) which is a teaser for the The Kid With The Green Backpack album that has taken longer to debut than Dr. Dre’s “Detox.”

“‘Pomona’ let us in,

Now they spotted a N***a like leopard prints”

Okay, Vizzy doesn’t really say “Pomona” but I thought he did, and I asked him, but he said “Club Owner.”
Damnit, I just wanted a shoutout to my city from XV. Ha