Review: Night Riots at The House of Blues

We caught Night Riots a year ago at The Roxy Theatre (back when they were known as “PK”) and had a chance to talk to all of the guys. You can check out our interview here. Anyway, back then we knew little of the band as they were just coming off a new EP. But seeing them perform live, they grew on us instantly.

Night Riot’s songs are fit perfectly for intimate venues such as the Roxy Theatre. On this night, though, the only thing silencing the

What better way to end the year then to, well, look forward to next year? 2012 was so (almost) last year. We put together a list of bands and artists that we think you should know about in the coming year. Some of these names have been coming up and we’re expecting them to blow up while others have been on the scene for a while and we’re just looking forward to some new material.

PK – We first caught wind of PK when we were asked to interview them while they played a show in Hollywood. We obliged, thankfully because these guys turned out to be a pretty dope group. Their show was intense and they had two good singles to excite the crowd. My turning point was when I caught myself singing along to “Berelain” a couple of months after the interview. It’s become a part of my almost-everyday playlist. So what you waiting for, guys? Come down and make your move (new music!).

Listen to: PK – “Berelain”

Black Kids – I listen to bands more often whenever I start wanting to see them in concert. Black Kids’ debut album was some few years ago and earlier this year they said a new album is in the works. Next year should be pretty big for them if they’re really looking into some new music.

Listen to: Black Kids – “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance”

Daft Punk – This is all rumor here: They’ve been rumored to play at Coachella for years now. There’s been some talk of them having new tunes out by Glastonbury 2013. Whether that correlates with the rumors of playing in the desert in April or even at Ultra MF is yet to be seen. Regardless of where they make their comeback, anything new in 2013 from Daft Punk is a gift from the music gods.

Listen to: Daft Punk – “One More Time”

Gold Fields – I went crazy over this band in October and November. I went to three of their shows and couldn’t get enough. These Aussie mates became one of my favorite acts to see in person. Excited more of these guys in the future.

Listen to: Gold Fields – “Dark Again”

New Politics – New Politics remind me of everything I used to listen to as a kid: from Weezer and Rage and a hint of Nirvana all mixed in. Their second album is in the works and is set to be released early in 2013. This is the band where when they come one you say, “Fuck yeah, I love New Politics!”

Listen to – New Politics – “Yeah Yeah Yeah!”

Other notables: Sky Larkin, Strange Talk, Eliza Doolittle, Warpaint, Icona Pop, Free Energy, and Fez.

Interview: PK (Live at The Roxy Theatre)

Last week we set out to meet the San Luis Obispo band named PK before their performance at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood. PK is made up of Travis Hawley (Vocals), Matt DePauw (Guitar), Mikel Van Kranenburg (Bass), Nick Fotinakes (Guitar) and Rico Rodriguez (Drums).

We had a ton of fun meeting the guys from PK. Although their genres differ a bit, they remind me of the guys from 2Am Club. They’re young, play badass music, and their performances are pretty live.

They’re really down-to-earth guys. Rico was cool enough to talk to us after the interview and before the show. He also thanked us for not asking us about the “PK” moniker (just a note to other bloggers :])

Meet the band and check out some of their thoughts on playing in Hollywood, favorite bands, and musical influences.