Interview: PK (Live at The Roxy Theatre)

Last week we set out to meet the San Luis Obispo band named PK before their performance at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood. PK is made up of Travis Hawley (Vocals), Matt DePauw (Guitar), Mikel Van Kranenburg (Bass), Nick Fotinakes (Guitar) and Rico Rodriguez (Drums).

We had a ton of fun meeting the guys from PK. Although their genres differ a bit, they remind me of the guys from 2Am Club. They’re young, play badass music, and their performances are pretty live.

They’re really down-to-earth guys. Rico was cool enough to talk to us after the interview and before the show. He also thanked us for not asking us about the “PK” moniker (just a note to other bloggers :])

Meet the band and check out some of their thoughts on playing in Hollywood, favorite bands, and musical influences.