Remix: Wet – “No Lie” (Noah Breakfast remix)

Noah Breakfast

I’m a huge fan of Noah Breakfast, formerly known as Xaphoon Jones and duo to Chiddy Bang. He’s consistently put out some great work with Ellie Goulding, Big Sean, and a few other big names. Noah even produced part of Wet’s debut EP and now he’s set up for a huge year as a solo producer. Wet became one of the biggest hits in 2013 along with St. Lucia and Haim, all Neon Gold Records artists. Whatever NGR’s feeding them, let’s share that juice around to some more artists.


Thelma Plum

Thelma Plum

The past 12 months for Brisbane lass Thelma Plum have been packed. Her first EP Rosie, her first performance at the National Indigenous Music Awards, her first headline tour, her first entry in the Triple J Hottest 100; she marched in and demanded attention.

With a smile that could kill and a distinct yet ever evolving fashion style, combined with with a penchant for dogs and a love for the f-word, Thelma is a blend of softness and steel. This is reflected through her music; it initially sounds delicate but underneath there is a strength that sets her apart from the breathy songstresses of late.

Single: Fluffer – “Aztec”

Fluffer - Atzec

Ohio natives Fluffer are ringing in the new year the only way musicians know how to: releasing a new single.

Hailing from all across the Midwest, the troika started performing in early 2011. Combining psychedellic unhinged songs with a strong emphasis on club rhythms, guitar manipulation, and frequent hooks, Fluffer has crafted a kinetic, hi-energy sound-new to the Bloomington community.

This track was part of a compilation album for the “Nah Collective,” which helps artists collaborate with other artists from their area.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 track=1229725639 size=small bgcol=333333 linkcol=0f91ff]

Dangers- Five O’Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World

Los Angeles based punk band Dangers have recently two songs out of their new album Five O’Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World (which I will refer to as Five O’Clock from now on) that will leave you urging them to release the rest of the album as soon as possible so that you could crowd mosh in your parents’ living room.

Now, if you’re new to Dangers I suggest going on their website and listen to their discography from start to finish. The anger driven band has been one of my favorites since I first saw them

New: Sleeper Agent – “Waves”

Sleeper Agent


Over a year ago I was clamoring about how I couldn’t get “Get Burned” out of my rotation. That was all summer. Now, it’s “Waves,”  the brand new track from Sleeper Agent‘s highly-anticipated forthcoming second album.

“Waves” has a touch of Imagine Dragons guitar riffs in it coupled with Sleeper Agents’ shout-out-loud choruses. It’s pretty much the only track I’ve played all week and can’t seem to stop.

Sleeper Agent will spend January and February on the road touring in the U.S.  with New Politics and Magic Man. The new album is due out in early 2014.

The 1975

Something hit me immediately about The 1975, and that was Sex. I’m talking about their latest single, Sex as well as the vocal beauty that is Matthew Healy. There’s something about this band that keeps you coming back for more, trust me when I say they aren’t just a one-night stand.

To put it simply, their blend of alternative rock and electro just works, and from what I’ve heard they’re an energetic band to see live. It seems that since the sudden turn in weather (who else is wearing 4 layers of

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