New: Sleeper Agent – “Waves”

Sleeper Agent


Over a year ago I was clamoring about how I couldn’t get “Get Burned” out of my rotation. That was all summer. Now, it’s “Waves,”  the brand new track from Sleeper Agent‘s highly-anticipated forthcoming second album.

“Waves” has a touch of Imagine Dragons guitar riffs in it coupled with Sleeper Agents’ shout-out-loud choruses. It’s pretty much the only track I’ve played all week and can’t seem to stop.

Sleeper Agent will spend January and February on the road touring in the U.S.  with New Politics and Magic Man. The new album is due out in early 2014.

You know that song that you just can’t get out of your head? It’s playing every single second you mute your thinking; every single rhythm in your life is moving to that one tune.

There’s a reason we’re called Dear Song In My Head: We like to post songs that we’re almost-sure will be stuck in your head. What’s been on my mind so much lately is Sleeper Agent’s “Get Burned.”