Music Video Premiere: Mitski- Goodbye, My Danish Sweetheart

Mitski Screenshot

How often do you hear a song that sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before? And how often is that song actually good?

Mitski, a New York based songwriter/performer (the Singer/Songwriter label just doesn’t feel appropriate), is promoting the release of her second full-length album, due out in August of this year. Starting tonight, she’ll be releasing one music video a week, until all the tracks are out and the album goes online. And she’s sparing no time getting to the good stuff. “Goodbye, My Danish Sweetheart” relentlessly moves froward through its 2 minutes and eighteen seconds, ending before you even know what hit you. The song is led by a guitar and fender rhodes unison line that recalls late 60s jazz fusion, snaking in and out of key areas and opposing everything in its path. Mitski’s enigmatic voice sweetly sings a folk-based melody that sounds like it could have been adapted from an old lullaby, creating contrast with the angular guitar/keyboard line. Holding everything together is a steady pounding of drums, tambourines, handclaps, and a round bass. A minute and a half in, the track truly explodes, opening up for more drums, a trumpet counterpoint and ethereal vocals swirling in the background.

A perfect blend of indie-RnB like Solange and Frank Ocean and indie-pop like Sky Ferriera and Charli XCX, New York based Skyler Cocco is carving a special place for herself in the musical landscape. Her recent mixtape, Wildfire, showcases Skyler’s sweet vocals, great songwriting, and amazing production skills. “You’ll Never Let Me Go” is a great RnB-pop tune with a dreamy, sample-driven beat and a catchy chorus. The verses are shared with rapper Mikavillian, the two playing off each other more like a duet than a featured rapper. He balances Cocco’s soulful vocals with his aggressive tone and

Oh! My Blackbird-Dare Me

Dare Me

Oh! My Blackbird is a NYC-based chamber folk trio led by singer/songwriter Annie Sullivan. Sullivan’s songs are quirky, personal, and consistently catchy. On Dare Me, the band collects 10 songs that blend lush and sophisticated instrumental and vocal arrangements with decidedly immature lyrical themes. Which is not to say that the lyrics are expertly crafted. Sullivan’s songs about young romance and heartbreak are honest and perceptive.