File this under “Mood-setter: Party Starter.” Neon Gold records has debuted Xaphoon Jone’s first hit off his forthcoming Xaphoon Jones Volume 3 mixtape. Xaph spins St. Lucia’s “We Got It Wrong” (which Xaphoon also put his twist on previously),  coupled with  the Madeon remix of “Que Veux Tu” by Yelle to create an insanely-danceable tranced disco smash.

After working with Ellie Goulding, you know he’s got some awesome tracks in store for us this summer. Check out some of the other crazy hits Xaph has created HERE.

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Neon Golds is introducing a new signing to their record label, St. Lucia. They’re dropping his EP in March and a full-album later this year. First, they’ve introduced a few remixes to St. Lucia’s “We Got It Wrong.”

Is there such a thing as a beat masacre? Xaphoon’s crazy abilities to spin a record into something otherworldly is truly more than a talent. Whatever he uses to get juiced up for a remix, give a dose to other musicians and the world will be a better place.

Noah Breakfast

I’m a huge fan of Noah Breakfast, formerly known as Xaphoon Jones and duo to Chiddy Bang. He’s consistently put out some great work with Ellie Goulding, Big Sean, and a few other big names. Noah even produced part of Wet’s debut EP and now he’s set up for a huge year as a solo producer. Wet became one of the biggest hits in 2013 along with St. Lucia and Haim, all Neon Gold Records artists. Whatever NGR’s feeding them, let’s share that juice around to some more artists.


XV has kicked off the summer on some square shit. One of the most anticipated mixtapes, Vizzy delivers like a true squarian can only do.

This is the evolution of XV. From past mixtapes, he’s always had one or two songs that define the ‘tape. Popular Culture defines XV. From intro to ending, every song defines the culture of being an L7.

Check the download link after the jump:

So, as I’m writing a compilation of road trip tunes that I will debut tomorrow, I started think about some of the artists that have become favorites when taking in a long trip. There was one time where I was heading to San Diego alone and I literally could not stop playing iSH’s back-then new mixtape, The Name is iSH. It was dope and he instantly became an artist I’d be looking forward to hearing from in the future.

That was last year, and even though it’s been a while, it’s nice to hear iSH has been keeping busy. “Dreamer” is a track from iSH’s forthcoming mixtape, Long Days, Short Nights. On this new track, iSH remixes Xaphoon Jones’ remix of Savoir Adore’s song “Dreamers.”

Check out the track and his pages:

[bandcamp track=867254033  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

There’s no surprise that many rappers release their music on Twitter, but many have followed suit in releasing tracks when they reach a certain number of followers. Xaphoon Jones, Hoodie Allen, and XV have released their share of tracks and it’s not the first time Mac Miller has done the same. For reach 400K Twitter followers, Mac Miller released  this new track that samples The Temper Trap’s “Love Lost.” I’m loving this wave of hip-hop sampling indie bands.

Mac Miller – Love Lost (prod. Black Diamond)