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Dom Kennedy is going to drop his sophomore album he is still very young in his rap career, but has been establishing himself as a forced to be reckoned with. Currently he is one of the top up and coming rappers from the west coast, and it looks like he is going to have a lot of success.

Curren$y, a rapper coming out of New Orleans, has been in the game for quite some time now. From his time in Young Money Cash Money to his appearance in XXL top Freshmen list. In his time in the rap game he has linked up with many artists especially in his mix tapes ( Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean etc.) releasing great songs for people to hear.  He has also released albums that have helped him achieve the fan base he has now. Just yesterday he released an album titled The Stoned Immaculate, but is this album enough to push him to the top?

The Strange Familiar: *Being Me*


The Strange Familiar, led by Kira Leyden and Jeff Andrea, have gained recognition for their wondrous songwriting. One of their hits, “Courage Is,”exemplifies the group’s talent for writing.

“Being Me” is the band’s new release for their full-length album, Chasing Shadows. The entire album boasts 12 tracks filled with lyrics of finding hope and hooks that please even those who are unFamiliar to the genre. The album is defined as a story of struggle and searching to find happinnes in the midst of false dreams.

The lead single, “Being Me,” is a groovy track and definitely filled with joy of one’s own self.It’s almost like she’s speaking to those of us who have failed to fill the gaps between us and those that bring darkness into our lives. Kira has a little Meaghan Smith going on with her voice which helps put pair the mood with the lyrics.

She hasn’t kissed Katy Perry, she hasn’t sung a duet with Gaga, and she probably will never be as cool as The Black Keys, but she’s definitely a talented singer.

Prints is a series of singles, remixes, and videos that Brooklyn-based Alan Wilkis has been working on for nearly two years. Each “print” features collaborations with different vocalists: Childish Gambino, Lyrics Born, White Hinterland, and more. Wilkis’ goal was to draw each artist out of their comfort zone to create a piece of work that is unmatched.

His first “print” features The Kickdrums; whom he’s co-produced their recent album, Meet Your Ghost. The print takes The Kickdrums sound to new heights and that’s what Wilkis is trying to do. He slowed down the track, but it still felt as if everything was passing you by so fast. I say he mastered it.

Check out the track and read more about Alan Wilkis’ project after the jump:

New Album: Generationals – “Actor-Caster”

The New Orleans duo is  back at it again with a new album, and this time they’re allowing a free stream of the entire album. The album is an entire rock-out, dance party, and joyride all in one  thumping album. Your ears will fill with joy and you won’t stop playing every tune.

Well, when they win, they win. What are you waiting for? Check out the album from the link below!
The Generationals – Actor-Caster