How long has it been since I’ve posted some Eliza Doolittle on the site? Even if t was yesterday, it’s been too damn long. Since having this site up and talking to other bloggers, I’ve realized that every music blogger has one artist who they’re madly in love with. Confusion of Pigeons & Planes would do anything to post about Lykke Li. Hell, I think he even wrote her a poem. Me? Well, I’d probably do the same. I’ve actually met Eliza Doolittle and I froze up. “Like a B%&$!,” my friends would say.

I need to see her again; I


Ellie Goulding tweeted about The Weeknd a few months back and I’ve been hooked ever since. Is there any track from The Weeknd that isn’t awesome? This fan-made video, and the other fan-made vids, will absolutely make it hard to top once The Weeknd actually debuts an official music video for a track off his album/mixtape House of Balloons.

I’m thinking about making a video for Eliza Doolittle. Something awesome; something colorful; something Nike-ish. We’ll see.



Only a few more hours. F*ck yeah! I’m stoked. Tomorrow shall be the beginning of an amazing weekend for all you folks heading out to Coachella. Seriously, I might pass out; and not from the heat, but from all the glorious music! Alright, so we introduced many great artists and bands during our Countdown to Coachella series, and I’m saddened that we weren’t able to bring more artists into the limelight, but I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of them more on the site. I have compiled a set of tracks from several artists and bands whom I will be checking out during this weekend’s festivities. So, if you can’t join us, you can still jam with us.


Moving Units

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There isn’t a bigger music event in California than the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. This year’s Coachella event draws big interest from music lovers as it packs some of the biggest names in music headlining the show: Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, The Strokes, and Kanye West. Other bands and artists set to perform include Interpol, Mumford & Sons, The National, and Eliza Doolittle (I just had to) among others.

You might not know every band or artist playing, so everyday until Coachella (April 15-17), we will be bringing music from one band/artist who will be performing at Coachella. There are 85 days left until Coachella and at least one bad/artist will be covered each day.

For our first Countdown to Coachella post, we have Cut Copy:

I don’t usually say this, but  . . . i’m a sucker for love. Okay, enough joking around. Many people don’t know me as the boyfriend-type. Hell, I don’t even consider myself a good boyfriend. I’m that guy who should take his own advice when it comes to relationships but my heart is too far up my ass to care. This post isn’t about me, nor will I ever show any love that isn’t aimed at Eliza Doolittle. This post is for the two lovebirds who need to come to terms

Giveaway!: Dear Song In My Head & TÜNR Prize Pack

When I first started this blog, I had no idea what it would be about. I didn’t know whether to devote most of my posts to hip hop or to Eliza Doolittle. But, as I kept going, I decided to actually dedicate myself and my music interests to the site. Now, we’re working on doing interviews, album reviews, rate venues, and, most importantly, give away free stuff.

We’ve only been at this music blogging thing for a short while, but I promise we’ll deliver big in the forthcoming months. So, here’s a reward to our first few dedicated readers-and to a few new ones-of the site: a prize pack from the guys at TUNR that includes 10 matching socks and shoe laces. Click after the jump for details.

Eliza Doolittle (Coldplay -Yellow Cover)

Jeffco once warned me Dearsonginmyhead would turn into an Eliza Doolittle obsessed blog. This is another wonderful video to add to the theory. First off, I think everyone can agree she has amazing vocals. She does a cover for one of my all time favorite songs.. What else can I say? She’s ELIZA DOOLITTLE.