Show Review: Cults at El Rey Theatre


I’ve been fortunate enough to see Cults perform three times already in their short career. Last night at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles was one for the books.

Guitarist Brian Oblivion and singer Madeline Follin are the duo that make up Cults. The New York-based duo made a stop in LA last night in support of their sophomore album, Static. Static is the highly-anticipated follow up to their self-titled debut, Cults.

Cults have 60s-esque pop sound that is found all throughout their new album. At El Rey Theatre, they performed a perfect mix of that sound interchanging between their new and old album.

New: Cults – “I Can Hardly Make You Mine”


NPR has just debuted Cults’ first single from the forthcoming album, Static. If you’ve kept an ear/eye on Cults, you would have known that they teased the song a couple of weeks ago. “I Can Hardly Make You Mine” is less of the familiar pop-y and more garage-tuned. Cults seem a little grungy and aggressive in their new single but it’s all welcome since their self-titled album came out way back in 2011 and anything from Cults has been a long time coming.

Static is due out October 15.

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It’s that time of year again. No, not the holiday spirit, but the blogosphere spirit where everyone turns in their top albums of the year list. We’ve never been one to make lists. Hell, we’re not really too deep into the whole “album” spirit. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of some of our top singles of this year. There are obviously plenty others that we love, but most of them are here because we posted about them on the site. Of course we love the Adeles, Florence and The Machines, and Radioheads of the 2011 music year. It’d be crazy not to. Check out some of our favorite tracks of 2011:

M83 – “Midnight City”

Gotye – “Somebody That I Used To Know”

Penguin Prison – “Don’t Fuck With My Money”

Monarchy – “Maybe I’m Crazy”

Keep going, there’s more:

Countdown to Coachella: Cults

Cults is one of those groups that have you hooked from first listen. This New York duo has the backings of frontwoman Madeline Follin’s vocals and Brian Oblivion to go with the edgy but cool teen pop sound. Cults has been making a lot of noise in the music scene as they recently signed to Columbia Records, and performed a gig at SXSW.

What I love about Cults is that a year ago, they were just making music for friends — with no type of internet buzz. Seriously, that’s dope. Maybe this whole music site that was supposed to be a joke will land me a job with MTV! or something a year from now. Well, take a listen to CULTS and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with ‘5os pop sound that makes you want to take pictures of two gummy bears kissing each other. Okay, that was random.

Cults will be playing on Day 2 of the Coachella Festival. Check out their latest track entitle “You Know What I Mean,” and be sure to download their EP after the jump:

Cults – You Know What I Mean

Cults – The Curse