Stoney: More Than Animals


Listening to Stoney‘s new full-length album More Than Animals, what is most impressive is that practically everything was written and performed by just one guy. Of course, that’s not the most uncommon thing in music, but the sheer breadth of styles and sounds found on the album make it a particularly shocking fact. After moving from the U.K. to Austin for “sunshine and change,” Mark Stoney continued to make a name for himself with his band Bobby Jealousy, a collaboration between Stoney, Seth Gibbs, and Sabrina Ellis. But it’s his return to making music on his own that allows him to spread his wings. More Than Animals is at once challenging and impossibly catchy.

Monks of Mellonwah

Last year we enthusiastically shared Sydney-based indie-rock quartet Monks of Mellonwah‘s Neurogenesis, an EP that showed off the group’s technical ability and strong songcraft. And after a year of releasing increasingly great great music like their Sky and The Dark Night concept EP, the Monks are finally ready to release their first proper LP, Turn The People. Listening to the album, you get the sense that the band has fully come into its own skin. Musically and lyrically, the album is confident and polished rather than wide-eyed and over-reaching like many debuts.

We Are Falcon – Cave Debut Album

We Are Falcon

Back in March when We Are Falcon released their self-titled EP, I considered their hard-hitting vocals to be at the forefront of the band’s core, a close second is their ability to draw heavy bass accompanying their melodic guitar.  The four-piece London based band have fused their sound together in their debut album, Cave.


We Are Falcon expect the lead tracks to be “Highway Now” “Gallows” “Miss Mine” “Tied Up”. From the four tracks, “Miss Mine” and “Tied Up” are the

Gingerlys: Summer Cramps

Summer Cramps

Gingerlys have quickly become one of my favorite new bands this year and they haven’t even released a full-length album yet. There’s just something so alluring and magical about their sound that you can’t help but fall in love from the first few notes your hear. The Brooklyn five-piece blends a shoegaze aesthetic with indie pop songwriting and the jangly guitars of the Go-Betweens or The Smiths. Following their first few flawless singles, the new Summer Cramps EP finds Gingerlys even stronger than before. The wash of reverb-drenched guitars and synths mix with Maria Garnica’s dreamy vocals and accentuate her saccharine melodies. But as intoxicating as the sonic quality is, what has always made Gingerlys stand out for me is their songwriting.


Touche Amore, a post-hardcore band from the Los Angeles area has just released their third full length album Is Survived By in September of 2013. If you have not yet heard this band’s music, but are into any variations of post-hardcore/punk/screamo you might want to go ahead and attend one of Touche Amore’s shows or pick up one of the albums. For references, think of any bands like La Dispute, Pianos Become Teeth, Converge or Defeater.

Album Stream: Eliza Doolittle – In Your Hands

Eliza Doolittle SXSW

This blog was jokingly dedicated to Eliza when it first popped, but since then it’s seems like the furthest thing from being a joke. Every Eliza Doolittle song, video, or anything Doolittle-related gets a mention or a blog post of its own.

Again, and with justifiable reason this time, another post is about the lovely UK songstress. You can listen to Eliza Doolittle’s In Your Hands in its entirety via SoundCloud.

You can pre-order the album from her website.

Check it out and let us know what you think:

Wait Until The Night

Earlier this year, we reviewed Jared Saltiel’s phenomenal full-length, The Light Within. Last week, his brother Jason Saltiel released an equally brilliant EP, Wait Until The Night. Where Jared’s LP used a lens of ornate chamber-pop to explore fantastical lyrical adventures and americana blues, the other Saltiel focuses that same lens of ’60s lounge-pop and bossa nova. Part Bacharach, part Jens Lekman, Saltiel’s melodies soar in an elegant but fragile falsetto, his chords cleverly move in unusual ways, the arrangements (written by both Saltiel brothers) swell with strings, woodwinds, and various percussion instruments. 

Two Door Cinema Club - Changing of the Seasons

Last week, Two Door Cinema Club dropped a teaser for a song to their upcoming EP. At the time, there was no name to the teaser, but just recently they revealed the name, “Changing of the Seasons. ”

Just a quick tidbit, if you actually searched for the teaser song from a Windows Phone using the baked music search (Search button, then Music Search a la Shazam), then you would have been able to see the song/album artwork (top of this post) and name