MP3: Teen Daze – Let’s Fall Asleep Together

I’ve been wanting to post this song for a while now (about 2-3 days in blog-talk).  From Teen Daze:

I really came to fall in love with the whole lo-fi pop scene this summer, and I wanted to see what I could come up with. After writing “Let’s Fall Asleep Together”, the last three just sort of happened in the span of a few days.

I know that it’s starting to get cold, and that carefree love songs about beach life may seem out of context, but I hope that you guys can look

I Hope This Gets To You: A Viral Love Letter

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Aren’t viral videos just amazing? A guy by the name of Walter C. May decided to make this video with the help of a roommate, who’s in the band playing, to let his girlfriend know that “they can feel close without having to be close every day.” He wants his girlfriend to see  this video through the internet without him having to directly lead her to it.

Pfft. And girls think guys aren’t creative. This guy just one-upped every boyfriend in the country.

Remember Me? Tupac – Fuck All Ya’ll



There’s nothing more random than a Tupac post at 11 p.m. on a cold Wednesday night in December. But this isn’t that random. The friends that know my taste in music know that Tupac comes first. When i’m mad, I listen to Tupac; when I go play ball, I listen to Tupac. Whatever the case may be, it’s Tupac above everything else.

Today is one of those days where I play my Makaveli The Don playlist that consists of over 400 Tupac songs, and just think about all the shit i’ve been through that day. This is what lead me to

Overrated: You see that shirtless guy on the cover of The Fader? Yeah, that’s Lil B the Based God. I have no idea which drunken soul thought of putting him on the cover. I’ve never been a fan of Lil B. He reminds me of Wacka Flocka; and I don’t like him either. They have some of the most generic lyrics in rap-basement history. If you can’t find their lyrics on Google, it’s because no one can understand what they’re saying.

Underrated: I feel bad for Lykke Li having to

Here’s a treat from Estelle and John Legend that features a 7 track EP entitled Sing And Flow: “The Duets.”

The EP consists of a few new tracks and some older ones. The release starts off with a cover of Jay Electronica’s track “Shiny Suit Theory” where Estelle’s flow is at her best. Added verses from Sean Paul, and Talib Kweli among others make it a great listen throughout its entirety. The EP ends on a new track from Estelle’s upcoming LP, All Of Me, called “Fall In Love.”

Hey, it’s free. Go right ahead and download.

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Let me explain: I’m a blogger. I’m a music lover. Yes, making love to music is possible. Add my laptop, a few beers, and a couple of hours on the net and you’ve got Dear, Song in my Head. No, really. . . this is an actual music blog.

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