WeFess: Soundproof Bathroom

Okay, I know it’s Friday, but I’m going to pretend it’s Wednesday and I didn’t miss two deadlines for school this week. Moreover, I’m going to pretend I have an awesome soundproof bathroom and a voice that rivals even the best of them. And if you don’t already do the same, you should totally start!

After all, the bathroom is the perfect place one can sing to their heart’s content without being judged, or in my case, get told to put a lid on it. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with a golden voice, unlike some of you, but that doesn’t stop me from belting out my favorite Christina Aguilera songs – in the shower, that is. Oh, and don’t judge me; Christina’s “Back To Basic” album is dope! You know you do it, too. Everyone has done it at one point or another, and let’s be honest, you probably really enjoy it.