Neon Trees – Irving Plaza (New York City) Show Review

Neon Trees – Irving Plaza (New York City) Show Review

Having been to many, many shows in the last few years, it’s always an interesting experience to come away with a different opinion of the band due to their live show. Sometimes it’s disappointing and the band doesn’t live up to the music on their records. Neon Trees, however, was thankfully the opposite. I came away from the show with a much more positive opinion of the band and their music, which is always a most welcome feeling.

I caught Neon Trees’ sold out show at Irving Plaza on July 22nd and I’ve got to say I was really impressed with what I saw. I saw Coin, the second of the two openers for the show, and they were a fun way to warm up the crowd. I had never listened to them prior to the show and enjoyed what I heard there, but not enough to seek out the music after the show.

Review: New Politics at the Irving Plaza

It was about two years ago, maybe more, when I first heard of New Politics. “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” was everything I ever wanted in an alternative rock band: No hint of that pop sound that seems to be every band’s direction. For a good while, though, I forgot about New Politics. They went on tour with a then-favorite band of mine in Sleeper Agent. Unfortunately, I missed their performance while in LA, but this past Tuesday I was finally able to catch up to the three-piece band from New York performing in their own backyard.

New Politics came to perform at