Last year, we had the pleasure of premiering this New York-turned-LA singer/songwriter’s music video for the wonderful title track from her New Hands EPSo, while we patiently wait for new original music from Natalie Angiuli, we’re happy to again feature her here on DSIMH with her cover of Katy Perry’s latest single, “Roar“. The adorable self-filmed video shows Angiuli in her apartment recording all the instruments herself, jumping on her couch, and hanging out with her cats. Her arrangement is more stripped down than the original, focusing on jangly acoustic guitars and layers of her sweet vocals. Ringing guitars, sprinkles of piano, and simple percussion round everything out while she dances around the room in her Roy Lichentstein POP shirt and her pale yellow telecaster.

We’re big fans of Natalie Angiuli so, naturally, we were excited when she asked us to premiere her video for “New Hands” off her New Hands EP.
“New Hands” is considerably a little more daring than her previous work but with more meaning and thought put into it. I previously said that her  indie-pop, folky sound is so easy to vibe with. She hasn’t changed and it’s easy to see her roots in the EP.
The girl from New York who’s now in sunny LA, she fits right at home mixing poetry and sound.
Check out the video for “New Hands” and download the New Hands EP.

I get a lot of e-mails from musicians wanting me to post their music on the site. I usually try to find something unique about their music, but a lot of times I get bootleg Drake verses or bands that need to master their tracks. This post isn’t about them, though.

The other day I received an email from a Natalie Angiuli. She caught my attention so I took the time to read and listen. She didn’t disappoint.

What first stuck to my head was her songwriting. Then her vocals. Then that

The 1975 Fonda Theater

 Editor’s note: We sent the incredible Natalie Angiuli to check out The 1975 at the Fonda. This is her account:

“It’s just you and I tonight, why don’t you figure my heart out?” singer Matt Healy of the 1975 cried out mid-set to the audience at Friday night’s Hollywood show. All the girls in the audience desperately wanted to do exactly that.

Moments after opening act Linus Young departed the stage, the house lights dimmed and the velvet curtains ascended to reveal a glowing rectangle hanging in